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Welcome to Lyria, where it's difficult to survive when you're poor, and our main characters are just that. Tavi is an infamous thief from the town of Narx, known all over Lyria for his exploits in shops as well as in beds. Beggars can't be choosers, as the cliche goes, and so Tavi steals whatever he can, no matter what it is. Aided by his best friend Jez and cheered on by all the poor of Lyria, Tavi finds himself coming up in the world of thieves, but will he be able to keep his position of power forever?

Very select few in Lyria have an "ability," which would be that of changing size. Tavi is one of those few gifted with this ability, and as such, he finds that getting away with thievery is easier. The standard height in Lyria being 1'5'', Tavi gets away most easily by changing to a human size (though with some consequence to his body) and running for it.

Tavi: PictureTwenty-three year old Tavi hails from Narx. He is a thief and a man who loves to be in lust. Though he looks small, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Jez: (Picture Pending) Twenty-one year old Jez comes from the neighboring city of Thedias, having moved to Narx to be close to Tavi. She's the brains while Tavi is the hands.

Jericho: PictureJericho's past is very mysterious to Jez and Tavi--since he cannot remember what happened, Jez and Tavi must wait until he recovers from this mysterious illness to discover who he is.

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